Advokatfirma Kogstad Lunde & Co offers more than claims handling

Product development: We can provide assistance on all aspects of insurance, including product development. We advise on insurance policy wording, quality control and more. Our expertise in insurance law can help prevent disputes in the future.

Quality control and audits: We seek to contribute to the quality of insurance products through the audit of settled claims. If the results of an audit show areas where the insurers can improve their routines, we are happy to assist.

Support in negotiations: We assist in negotiating complex claims handled in-house. Our aim is to resolve claims fairly and efficiently.

Insurance activity: We provide legal advice and general assistance with regard to regulatory issues in accordance with the Norwegian Act on Insurance Activity and EU regulations, including cross-border activities.

Personal data protection: We assist in revising or establishing routines for personal data protection in accordance with Norwegian and international law.

We are retained by or cooperate with most insurers in the Norwegian market. We aim to be the preferred legal partner of the insurance industry.